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How to Look After Contact Lenses

Your eyes are extremely important, so you want to make sure you’re caring for them in the best way possible, especially when you’re a contact lens wearer. However, if you’re new to contact lenses, care can seem a daunting prospect – you want to get it right. Equally, if you’ve been wearing contact lenses for […]

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Lower Your Golf Handicap With The Right Lenses

If you’re looking to lower your golf handicap, get an edge by wearing the right eye wear. Specially designed golf sunglasses can help enhance your performance on the green and help you sink that 40 yard putt. Blinding sunlight, break on the green, frequent changes between light and shadow, reflections off the water hazards. Golf […]

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5 Problems only Contact Lens Wearers Understand

If you’re a contact lens wearer, you understand the joy and the freedom they give you when compared to glasses. So much so, it’s likely you couldn’t imagine going back to glasses full-time! However, whilst you love them dearly, there’s no doubt they can cause a few annoyances you’d rather not have to deal with. […]

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