Optometrist explaining an eye test

Your Eye Test Explained

When you visit an Eyesite practice for an eye examination, you will be looked after by one of our qualified optometrists who will carry out every aspect of your test. We endeavour to treat every patient as an individual at Eyesite, so whatever your needs, we will tailor your eye exam accordingly.

The following information provides a guide to our eye examination process, so you can better understand what it involves and how we use your eye exam results to recommend reliable solutions to future-proof your vision and eye health.

Our Eye Examination Process

A comprehensive eye exam at Eyesite will involve several different stages during which your optometrist will fully assess every aspect of your eye health and vision. Depending on the type of eye exam you have, it will last anywhere between 20 minutes to an hour.

Your Eye Examination Results Explained

At the end of your eye exam, your optometrist will have detailed knowledge of the condition of your eye health and vision. They will discuss with you and ensure you have a full understanding of your results and what preventative measures – if any – need to be taken to protect your eyesight.

They will then make recommendations of the best eye care solutions for you individually before handing you over with a clear and thorough explanation to a Dispensing Optician or Optical Advisor who can help you with spectacles or contact lenses if required.

If you do require spectacles and/or lenses, we will need to take more measurements once you have selected your frames. This is because we’ll need to ascertain several different measurements including the distance from the spectacle lens to the centre of eye rotation, the distance between your pupils and the height that your pupil sits in the frame. This information will allow us to further improve the precision of your spectacle lenses to ensure optimum performance and eye health.

Your dispensing optician will take these measurements as part of the dispensing process and will explain how we can use a process called Eyecode to make your vision as sharp and clear as possible. They will also discuss other spectacle lens options and benefits to suit your lifestyle needs.

Eyecode Technology

Using the unique, revolutionary Eyecode technology, at Eyesite we can offer you spectacle lenses that are an astonishing five times more precise than ever before.

As lenses are traditionally manufactured to give optimum vision when looking straight ahead, your vision may not be as sharp when you look sideways or down. Eyecode measures your individual eye rotation centre so that we can digitally manufacture your spectacle lenses to work better for you, giving you precise vision at all times.

Eye Test FAQs

The following questions and answers should provide further understanding of eye test results, and the examination process we follow here at Eyesite: