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Lower Your Golf Handicap With The Right Lenses

If you’re looking to lower your golf handicap, get an edge by wearing the right eye wear. Specially designed golf sunglasses can help enhance your performance on the green and help you sink that 40 yard putt.

Blinding sunlight, break on the green, frequent changes between light and shadow, reflections off the water hazards. Golf courses can really do a number on your eyes – especially after 18 holes. For the best visibility and better chance of lowering your handicap, pick the right pair of sunglasses.

Choosing the right golfing sunglasses

There are hundreds of styles of sports eyewear on the market, but for golf there are some specific design elements you should keep an eye out for.

Frame Design

Golf is a game about distance and precision. That’s why you need to have the best possible field of vision for both up close putting and long distancing driving. Choose a pair of golf sunglasses with a semi-rimless design. With no obstruction in the lower half of your field of vision, this design opens up your downward view. This allows you to address the ball without obstruction. Choose a semi-rimless design to give yourself the best field of unobstructed vision.

Lightweight Frames

After 18 holes of walking in the sunshine, even a pair of sunglasses will start to feel heavy. For the best performance, choose a lightweight design to allow you to optimise your physical performance.


When choosing your lens colours, remember that when it comes to golf, contrast is king. You need to be able to pick out the ball from bright backgrounds of the green and the sky. Colours such as amber and brown contrast nicely against both blue and green, making them the optimum lens tints for golfing. They are also great for distance vision. Not only do they improve contrast on the grass, but also up against the blue sky so you can track your ball in the air with greater precision. The great thing about these tints is there is no significant alteration of your vision of true colours.

Avoid reddish tints where possible. They block the red and yellow tones in grass, making it harder to determine contours on the fairway. Greens and greys, while effective at muting harsh brightness, do little to enhance contrast.

Polarised lenses help protect you from the glare of the sun. Wearing polarised lenses means less squinting, so you get less tired, suffer less fatigue, and have fewer headaches. This allows you to keep your focus across all 18 holes of play in the sunshine.

The best sunglasses for golfers

Eyesite recommends Bolle Aeromax.

bolle aeromax sunglasses

Following on from the success of the 5th Element Pro and the B-Rock, the Aeromax is a quality combination of all that is good in Bolle’s premium sportswear. Featuring an ultra tough lightweight frame, these golfing sunglasses use a premium quality Trivex lens for unparalleled optical clarity and protection.

  • Shield lens design with full-rim protection
  • B-Clear lenses provide exceptional clarity and impact resistance
  • Adjustable nosepiece and temple tips let you perfect the fit of the frame
  • Hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings keep the lens free of sand, grease and water
  • Includes microfibre bag and hard case with extra lens capacity