Nervous About Visiting The Opticians? We’re here to help!

We all experience that nervous feeling at certain points in our lives. However, whilst a routine trip to the dentist, doctor or optician might be no problem at all for some, for others, it can leave them feeling incredibly nervous, sometimes avoiding appointments altogether.

At Eyesite, we hate the thought of people avoiding appointments due to nerves, especially when we can help reassure and talk you through your fears.

So, why are some people scared to visit the opticians? Here are a few common reasons:

Potential Reasons

The fear that they might need to get glasses or contact lenses

For many people, the thought of finding out they need glasses makes them uncomfortable. Glasses can mean a different look from what you’re used to seeing in the mirror, and for some, this can make them feel self-conscious. Don’t forget, contact lenses are also an option! What may be blissful ignorance now could mean vision problems in the future.

They are scared they might have an eye disease and don’t want their fears confirmed

We understand that this is another common fear, and as above, it is something people don’t necessarily want confirmed. It’s important to remember that the likelihood of finding out you have a life threatening condition is very small. When it comes to eye conditions, it’s better to start treating them the sooner the better, so even if you feel like you’ve left it too long, an appointment now is still better than another month, and another…

They have a phobia of eyes (Ommetaphobia)

Phobias can bring a great deal of distress to the sufferer. Unfortunately, there are no quick fixes for eye phobia or Ommetaphobia, meaning it has the potential to have a detrimental effect on sufferers’ eye health if they avoid routine eye tests. If you think you might suffer from Ommetaphobia, it would be advisable to speak to your doctor who can provide advice on treatment.

The worry of answering eye test questions incorrectly

During a routine eye test, some people feel under pressure to answer questions quickly, and can be left concerned that they might not have given the right answers (was that circle definitely clearer on green rather than red…?) You can rest assured that answers aren’t all we rely on, thanks to our advanced equipment.

Puff air tests (Glaucoma)

For some, the puff air test can be off-putting. Whether you’ve had a bad experience in the past or you are nervous about the feeling, don’t let that stop you from getting your eyes checked for Glaucoma. Today, there are new instruments available to test for Glaucoma, including our OCT Scan which provides a highly detailed cross section image of the back of the eye.

woman at the opticians

What can help ease your nerves?

We know your nerves aren’t likely to disappear after reading this blog post, however there are a few things that can certainly help reduce them.

  1. Let us know!
  2. Speak to your local Eyesite branch prior to your appointment and let us know if you’re particularly nervous. By communicating this with us, it gives us pre-warning and allows us to make your experience as comfortable as possible.

  3. Ask us lots of questions
  4. By asking lots of questions, you will be able to prepare yourself for what we will go through in your eye exam. We can explain what tests we will do and why, to reassure you.

  5. Remember to breathe
  6. It sounds simple, but when we’re nervous we can often forget to breathe and take very quick shallow breaths which can increase our stress levels. Diaphragmatic breathing or deep breathing will allow your mind to focus on one thing and calm your anxiety levels.

  7. Remembering you’re not alone
  8. Did you know, in a recent study by Fletchers Solicitors they found that one in five British adults fear visiting their optician? Don’t be embarrassed by your fears, honesty and openness are the best solution, and it’s very likely your optician will have encountered many people with fears previously.

Let us help

Here at Eyesite, we understand that you want to get the best possible experience from your visit. Speak to your local branch of Eyesite Opticians today with no obligation. Discuss any vision or eye health concerns you have with our friendly team and book an appointment when you’re ready.