Mens vs womens eye health

Are Men or Women More at Risk for Eye Disease?

Women’s Eye Health vs. Men’s Eye Health Women are at greater risk than men: one in four women will develop sight loss in their lifetime, but this only happens in one in eight of men. This is primarily due to the fact that women have a greater life expectancy than men. Women’s longevity means that […]

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Vision Change Over Time [Infographic]

VISION CHANGEOVER TIMEVISION CHANGEOVER TIMEVISION CHANGEOVER TIMEVision problems ted to emerge from 10 months to 4 years of age. Parents should keep an eye out for squint, lazy eye (amblyopia) in young children.By 8 months, your eyes have the structure of an adults, but they continue to grow until late teens. By then, hopefully any […]

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Glasses as gifts

A Guide to Buying Glasses as a Gift

Glasses make the ideal gift at Christmas, and we’re not just saying that because we’re an optician! Buying glasses as a gift is personal, thoughtful and practical – all categories that make for the perfect Christmas present. But if you’ve got your heart set on getting some gorgeous frames for that special someone then we’ve got […]

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Optometrist explaining an eye test

OCT Eye Tests Explained

OCT eye tests give you a far more detailed image of your eye. This allows us to go into greater depth when assessing the health of your eyes. More detail means we can identify potential eye conditions that would be missed during a normal exam. At Eyesite, we believe in providing you with the best […]

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bonfire night

How To Make Your Bonfire Night Go Off With A Bang!

Build a better bonfire night with these awesome Bonfire Night ideas. Every year, on the 5th November, we gather for a festive night of fireworks and sparklers. The young, old and the young at heart love the excitement and colour of fireworks, the smell of the bonfire and the sizzle of sausages and sparklers. So […]

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Halloween Contact Lenses

10 Famous Glasses Wearers

Glasses are cool. There’s no question about it. Once upon a time some of us felt embarrassed about having to wear our glasses, but not anymore! Wearing glasses is not only practical, but also a fashion statement and an expression of individuality, identity and creativity. It’s got to the stage where people who don’t need […]

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Oakley Snowboard

Why Do I Get Dry Eyes In Winter?

Dry Eye Syndrome can occur in winter, as well as other periods when the weather is particularly dry. Just like your skin, your eyes can become dry when exposed to crispy air or toasty central heating. Discover how dry eyes occur and what you can do to protect yourself this winter. Winter is on its […]

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What is OCT Imaging? What does it tell you about your eyes?

At Eyesite, we use OCT imaging to give your eyes a thorough examination using a 3D scan of your retina. OCT is painless and the results arrive instantly for us to examine. Far superior to traditional retinal photography, Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) is an extremely advanced health check for people of all ages. It is […]

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