Contact Lens Eye Test

Our contact lenses test is designed to identify the best type of contact lenses to meet your requirements. If you already wear contacts, the exam will assess the quality of your current lenses – to make sure they fit your eyes properly and are not impacting your eye health.

Free Contact Lens Trial

Not sure about wearing contact lenses but secretly want to know how they feel? Book a free Contact Lens Experience with one of our expert practitioners. It won’t cost you a penny and you are under no obligation to buy. It’s a great opportunity to find out more about contact lenses and seek advice from our friendly, expert team.
Contact lenses are made a from very soft, gel-like material that offers superb comfort and clear vision. Our range of contact lenses can now fit many different types of prescription including ones for those who are long or short-sighted, wear varifocal lenses or have astigmatism.
It takes only a short while to get used to contact lenses and the benefits of excellent vision and freedom from glasses will make you wonder why you waited.

What to expect from a contact lens eye test

Your optometrist will begin by assessing the health of your eyes, and will carry out specific measurements to determine the right size and shape of contact lenses to suit you. They will also assess your vision whilst wearing contacts, and may ask questions about your lifestyle and preferences in regards to lenses.
After testing, your optometrist will provide a unique contact lens prescription for your eyes. This will differ to a prescription for glasses, as a contact lens exam specifically measures for lenses that sit directly on your eye – rather than 12 or so millimetres away. It’s absolutely essential that you get the right contacts to fit this prescription. The wrong type of contact lenses can seriously damage your eye health.
Once you have the correct prescription for your contact lenses, you’ll need to decide on the type of lenses that you’d like to wear.

Choosing the right contact lenses for you

Contact lenses vary in terms of design, material and the levels of oxygen they allow through to your eyes. A free contact lens trial will help you decide which lens is right for you. This is so they can be manufactured to suit different prescriptions, eye shapes and preferences. Whilst some can be worn every day for up to a month, others are designed specifically for one-day wear, and some can only be worn while you sleep. With so many different options to choose from, it’s important that you know what to expect from each. Our free Contact Lens Experience is a great chance to discover which lenses are right for you.