woman with problems only contact lens wearers understand

5 Problems only Contact Lens Wearers Understand

If you’re a contact lens wearer, you understand the joy and the freedom they give you when compared to glasses. So much so, it’s likely you couldn’t imagine going back to glasses full-time! However, whilst you love them dearly, there’s no doubt they can cause a few annoyances you’d rather not have to deal with. So here you go, 5 problems only contact lens wearers understand!

Realising you’ve put a contact lens in inside out.

One of most relatable contact lens wearing problems of all time is the dreaded inside out contact lens. It tends to happen more frequently when you’re first starting to use them, but it can still happen to pro contact lens wearers as well! You only know the discomfort of an inside out lens if it’s happened to you. It’ll soon teach you to check more carefully before you put them in!


Putting your glasses on with them in.

Here’s the thing, if you wear contact lenses, you shouldn’t need glasses in addition. Now you know this, but – it doesn’t stop the fact you’ve formed a frequent habit of putting your beloved specs on over the years. This doubled up situation leads to very peculiar, blurry vision, followed by the subtle removing process when you want to make it look intentional in front of company.


People recoiling in horror when you touch your eyes.

It may be a natural part of your day to day routine, but for others, watching you put in or remove contact lenses is often seen as a horrifying task. Comments normally include ‘Eugh, how can you touch your eyes like that?’, ‘I can’t watch.’ or ‘Let me see… nope, nope, nope’. Come on everyone, it’s really not that big of a deal.


Spontaneity of staying round someone’s house is no more.

Remember the days when you could just stay round family or friends’ houses randomly, with no second thought given? Sadly you know all too well those days are over. Unless you always come prepared with extra lenses or saline solution and a case, you have to consider how you will get home the next day. You can’t drive…you can’t see the bus stop… you can’t read the train boards…


Taking them out before you’ve found your glasses

A vital mistake to make. Make sure you know where your trusty specs are before you go to the trouble of taking your contact lenses out. Otherwise you’ll have to decide between crawling on your hands and knees to search or putting your contacts back in just to find them. We recommend keeping your specs in the same spot every day to prevent this from occurring. You’ll thank us.


It’s good to remember that whilst these small but funny annoyances can occur, the benefits of contact lenses certainly outweigh the negatives. Besides, glasses wearers can’t lie on their side without their specs shifting on their face… and have to deal with finger print smudges day to day – something to remember!