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Best Food for Healthy Eyes

Having a balanced diet is the best way to #loveyoureyes, but some foods are particularly helpful for maintaining healthy eyes. This week is National Vegetarian Week, so what better time to talk about the best foods for healthy eyes because many of them are veggies! For example, green vegetables like kale and spinach are packed […]

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What Colour Are My Eyes?

Your eye colour is based on your genetics. The iris, the coloured part of your eye, varies from light brown to black, depending on the concentration and the density of the stroma (the fibres that connect the iris to the rest of the eye). Blue eyes aren’t actually blue. If you cut open an eye […]

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10 Famous Glasses Wearers

Glasses are cool. There’s no question about it. Once upon a time some of us felt embarrassed about having to wear our glasses, but not anymore! Wearing glasses is not only practical, but also a fashion statement and an expression of individuality, identity and creativity. It’s got to the stage where people who don’t need […]

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