10 Famous Glasses Wearers

Glasses are cool. There’s no question about it. Once upon a time some of us felt embarrassed about having to wear our glasses, but not anymore! Wearing glasses is not only practical, but also a fashion statement and an expression of individuality, identity and creativity. It’s got to the stage where people who don’t need to wear glasses are wearing glasses. With so much choice, there’s something for everyone!

We’ve put together the 10 most famous glasses wearers of all time, to showcase their spectacular specs!

Elton John

There’s absolutely no doubt in our minds that Elton John rocks a pair of glasses! Known for his eccentric and flamboyant nature, this extends all the way to what he’s wearing on his face. There are few people in this world who could pull off some of his specs, but we’re glad that he does!


Bono (real name Paul David Hewson) is best known as the lead vocalist in U2, and he’s never seen without his large, rectangular tinted glasses. Everyone thought this was just part of his carefully crafted Rockstar image, however Bono revealed that he wears his glasses constantly because he suffers from glaucoma. We’re proud of his commitment to protecting his eyesight!

Mahatma Gandhi

From Bono to Gandhi, glasses really are versatile! Gandhi is famous for many reasons, primarily for being the leader of the Indian independence movement against British rule, but also for his sandals, white toga-style robe and his dainty glasses. In fact, his glasses were sold at auction, alongside a small selection of other items, and they fetched a whopping $1.8 million! Now those are some expensive specs…

Woody Allen

With a diverse career that spans decades, Woody Allen remains the same as he did when he first made it big. His style has hardly altered since the 50s and, crucially, his thick horn-rimmed glasses remain firmly in place. Through the lens of his glasses, and the lens of the camera, Woody Allen has crafted masterpieces including ‘Annie Hall’, ‘Manhattan’ and ‘The Purple Rose of Cairo’.

Johnny Depp

Moving from behind the camera with Woody Allen to very much in front of it with Johnny Depp. This huge Hollywood actor is, if anything, unconventional! He lives a wacky life, starring in weird and wonderful films and wearing some unique fashion. His glasses only add to this and, even though they’re a necessity for Johnny Depp who admits he’s as blind as a bat, he’s walking proof that glasses are, most definitely, cool.

Steve Jobs

Founder and CEO of Apple Inc, Steve Jobs’ style matches the products he produced. He embodied minimalism to the maximum and wore the same style of glasses every day by Robert Marc that he picked out in 1998.

Dame Anna Wintour DBE

The first thing you think of when you think of Anna Wintour has to be her immaculate bob haircut. But the second thing you think of is her huge, oversized sunglasses that she wears both inside and out. It’s rumoured that she wears her shades at fashions shows so that if she’s bored, she can stare into space without being noticed!


Will.I.Am is passionate about glasses. In fact, he’s set up his own brand, ill.i Optics, with designer George Gorrow to explore the evolution of eyewear. True to his experimental ways, ill.i Optics is bold, brash and very, very striking.

Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn is an icon, there’s no doubt about it. Star of screen, Hollywood’s golden girl and fashionista, Hepburn has one of the most recognisable faces throughout history due to the sheer number of photographs taken of her. In many of her pictures, she is wearing a selection of stunning shades that many of us still style ourselves on today. She is truly timeless…

John Lennon

Nothing says ‘retro’ like a pair of John Lennon sunglasses… Also called teashades, these small circular specs are the epitome of hippie culture, peace and love. Made popular by John Lennon himself, who wore them with tinted lenses and with plain glass in his video for ‘Imagine’, these are still a huge hit at festivals to this day.

That’s the end of our top 10 rundown of the most famous glasses wearers! Just in these 10 people alone there’s an enormous range of shapes, styles and makes of glasses. Check out our online shop if you’re looking for your own pair of show-stopping specs… We’ve got something to suit everyone!