How To Take Care Of Your Eyewear

At Eyesite, we know all about how to look after your eyes, but what about your eyewear? These essential tools are vital to many people’s vision, with 61% of the UK population wearing glasses or some other kind of visual aid.

In today’s blog, we present the top tips for looking after your glasses.

A pair of red glasses

1. Use Cases

It’s important to store your glasses when you are not wearing them. It protects them from dust and dirt, as well as scratches and breakages. When travelling with your glasses, consider a stylish microfiber pouch. These light weight pouches keep your glasses safe while not in use.

2. Clean Them Regularly

Cleaning your glasses daily with a lens wash will keep them in tip top condition. Dust and grit can cause scratches on your lenses, so it important to clean them regularly. When your glasses are clean, your eyes don’t have to work as hard to look through grease, dirt and dust.

3. Put Them On The Right Way

When putting your glasses on and taking them off, use both hands. This stops them ending up going wonky and not fitting your face properly. Your glasses are specifically designed to sit on your face just right, so take care!

4. Rest Them Upside Down

If you have to take your glasses off, rest them upside down. This protects your lenses and prevents the frames from getting bent.

5. Keep Your Screws Tight

The arms of your glasses will open and close hundreds or even thousands of times over the course of their lives. Gradually, the screws will become loose, increasing the risk of your glasses falling off your face. A glasses repair kit or a miniature screwdriver will keep your arms secure and your glasses where they should be.

6. Get Adjustments

Your body naturally changes over time. The shape and size of your frames may need changing before you need to update your prescription. It is important to get your frames adjusted twice a year, to keep your glasses in their optimum state.

Sometimes, your eyewear needs some TLC. If you’re having problems with your glasses, feel free to bring them into your local Eyesite store and have a chat with one of our experts.