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Nervous About Visiting The Opticians? We’re here to help!

We all experience that nervous feeling at certain points in our lives. However, whilst a routine trip to the dentist, doctor or optician might be no problem at all for some, for others, it can leave them feeling incredibly nervous, sometimes avoiding appointments altogether. At Eyesite, we hate the thought of people avoiding appointments due […]

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OCT Eye Tests Explained

OCT eye tests give you a far more detailed image of your eye. This allows us to go into greater depth when assessing the health of your eyes. More detail means we can identify potential eye conditions that would be missed during a normal exam. At Eyesite, we believe in providing you with the best […]

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What is OCT Imaging? What does it tell you about your eyes?

At Eyesite, we use OCT imaging to give your eyes a thorough examination using a 3D scan of your retina. OCT is painless and the results arrive instantly for us to examine. Far superior to traditional retinal photography, Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) is an extremely advanced health check for people of all ages. It is […]

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