Cleaning sunglasses with cloth

Sunglass Care

If you’ve invested in a well-made pair of sunglasses, then it’s a given you’ll want to take care of them properly. The right care is particularly important with sunglasses as you’ll be wearing them out and about during summer, meaning they will be more susceptible to damage from outdoor activities. Take a look at how you should be cleaning, storing and wearing your sunglasses as well as some of the dos and don’ts of everyday wear.

How to clean your sunglasses

We understand that it’s tempting, particularly when you’re out and about, to simply huff and puff on your lenses, then wipe them “clean” on your shirt. However, by doing this you’ll instead end up scratching your lenses and simply wiping the dirt around the lens. When you find your lenses smudged or dirty you should be using a lint-free soft cloth to clean your sunglasses with a lens cleaner liquid.

Dos and Don’ts for wear

  • Use two hands when you take them off to stop the frame becoming curved and bent
  • Put them in a case to prevent them being scratched or accidentally broken when you’re not wearing your sunglasses
  • Fold the arms in and lay them down with the frames facing upwards if you can’t put them in a case
  • Put them in your pocket or purse with keys or a comb as they could easily be scratched
  • Place them face (lenses) down onto a surface
  • Put them on the top of your head as that can stretch the frame

How to remove scratches from sunglasses

You’ll find many tips and tricks online that claim to effectively or temporarily remove scratches from sunglasses using a variety of methods. However, we’d recommend talking to us first as you may find these techniques cause more damage than good. Here at Eyesite, we provide a variety of sunglasses lens coatings to help protect and preserve your lenses.

Sunglasses Care Kit

To get the most out of your sunglasses and keep them from getting damaged, we’ve put together a list of care essentials:

  • Sunglasses case (not too big or too small, you want a case that keeps them secure)
  • Lens cleaning soft cloth
  • Lens cleaner liquid (that’s safe for coated lenses)
  • Glasses neck strap/chain/cord – for activities, but be careful of scratching against objects (e.g. avoid necklaces coming into contact)

Eyesite has a huge range of sunglasses available for you to choose from. We are also happy to advise on your selection and fit them correctly to make sure they’re comfortable and provide proper protection for your eyes. Come and try on your favourite pairs in your local Eyesite branch. One of our expert team will be on hand to help and advise you.