Eyesite patients says: "I can not thank you enough for discovering my serious eye condition"

Here at Eyesite we are committed to providing a comprehensive and personal eyecare service. We invest in the latest technology to ensure we give you the most thorough eye health examination possible. However, sometimes the experience and professionalism of our staff is what makes all the difference.

Mrs Sandra Byers, a patient at Eyesite Reading, came in for her routine eye examination and saw our Optometry Manager, Mrs Catherine Freeman. During the examination, Mrs Freeman suspected acute angle glaucoma and referred Mrs Byers to a specialist…

“If it had not been for Catherine Freeman noticing the pressure in my eye and getting me to seek help so promptly, I would have been in serious trouble! Mr Constable, the Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon, who I eventually went to see, said he was very surprised that this had been noticed in a routine eye examination. I have now had laser eye surgery and the eye is fine but I can not thank you enough for the way this was discovered. I owe Catherine Freeman my sight in that eye as she wrote the letter to the specialist and he also commented on her finding the acute angle glaucoma, which he was surprised about.”

Due to the latest technology at Eyesite and, most importantly, the skill and experience of Mrs Freeman, Mrs Byers’ sight was saved.

At Eyesite, all of our optometry staff are trained to the highest possible standards and all of them highly recommend you have regular eye examinations to monitor your vision as well as the health of your eyes.

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