Eyesite Conference 2015


This year at our Eyesite Conference we focused on how to clarify and enhance the way we communicate with our patients. All five of the Eyesite practices gathered in Farnham for the two-day event.

As eye health experts, a key goal for Eyesite in 2015 is to ensure that our patients understand how we are helping them achieve the best possible vision.

We believe this will help our patients feel more at ease and comfortable with their eye examinations, and to make informed decisions about their eyewear.

On Day One we discussed how we would optimise communication with our patients to provide the best possible service.

The Essilor OLR team ran the session, which focused on understanding patient perspectives.

Eyesite discussed how we could improve the patient experience in our practices. Realising that the jargon that is used when discussing their circumstances is often unnecessary, we will be sure to use everyday language when speaking to patients about their eye health and eye care.

Particularly, we considered how Eyesite staff could ensure that patients are given all the information they need to make the best use of our recommendations. Given clear explanations and advice, patients will be able to make the best possible decisions for their sight. We want to make sure that when they walk out of the practice, we are certain our patients have made an informed choice about their vision solution and it offers them the most value.

On Day Two we ran workshops for each department, providing new training and engaging all the practices to coordinate their processes for consistent service. Topics covered included customer service, developments in eye health and treatments, trends and fashions in eyewear, and team building exercises to enhance cohesiveness among Eyesite staff.

We finished the conference feeling motivated and prepared to kick off 2015 on the best possible footing. Bringing all the practices together and making sure our processes and knowledge are reviewed and refreshed ensures our patients continue to receive the exemplary service from our staff that they have come to expect.

We look forward to seeing you at your nearest Eyesite practice!DSCF2208