Blonde woman wearing pink tinted sunglasses

Coloured Sunglasses Lenses

Although coloured sunglasses lenses can make or break your look they’re not just a fashion statement. Coloured lens sunglasses also have a subtle effect on your vision, meaning you can literally view the world through rose tinted lenses! There are coloured lenses for every occasion, so why not come in to one of our branches and find out which coloured sunglasses are right for you?

Choose a tint colour and see how your view changes.

Blue colour tinted glasses can absorb the light and reduce glare in hazy sunshine. They’re also brilliant at helping define contours while also enhancing colour perception.

Brown coloured glasses lenses work very well to block the blue light that you can experience on a cloudy day through diffused light. They can improve both depth perception (thanks to their red element) and contrast, making them a good all-rounder in changeable weather conditions.

Grey, smoke and grey-green coloured glasses lenses are great for bright sunny days and are the most common lens colour you’ll find. They work to convey all of the colours that you see through them whilst not changing the actual value of the colours meaning they offer very even colour perception. They are dark enough to provide sufficient protection from the effects of glare, but are still light enough to ensure that your vision is not impaired. They also have a great level of contrast for low-light conditions. This makes them a great general purpose lens colour.

Rose colour tinted glasses help to block blue light, which improves contrast by offering maximum glare and light protection. They can be very soothing to the eyes as they offer high contrast, which can improve such things as road visibility and visual depth. Because of this, many people have found rose tinted lenses are the most comfortable for the longest periods of time.

Yellow or amber coloured lens sunglasses are great for driving in low light or overcast conditions as they offer maximum sight performance through a high intensity tint. They’re also very effective at filtering out blue light from electronic devices meaning they can help reduce eye fatigue and headaches.

Choosing the right coloured glasses lenses for outdoor activities

  • Grey, smoke and grey-green coloured lenses – great for all outdoor activities
  • Rose coloured lenses – great for activities involving snow plus cycling, fishing, hunting and water sports
  • Brown coloured lenses – great for cricket, cycling, fishing, golf, hunting, skiing and water sports
  • Yellow or amber coloured lenses – great for cycling, hunting, shooting, snow sports and tennis
  • Blue coloured lenses – great for cricket and golf

Sunglasses Lens Coatings

No matter what colour lenses you choose for your sunglasses, we provide a variety of sunglasses lens coatings that help to protect and preserve your shades. These range from scratch-resistant to multi-coated lenses.

Prescription Coloured Lens Sunglasses

Here at Eyesite we’re able to offer prescription sunglass lenses in a range of colours to match your personal style and functional requirements. Just pop into one of our local branches to discuss your requirements with one of our expert opticians.