Woman cross country skiing in sunglasses

Snow Sports Eyewear

For the best ski eyewear, visit us in one of our branches today. Our expert team are able to advise you on the best eyewear for your specific needs. Wearing the right eyewear for skiing and snowboarding is essential for maximum performance and enjoyment. We stock a range of winter sun eyewear, for use with contact lenses or with the capability to build in your spectacle prescription.

Snow sunglasses and ski goggles are just as important to your snow adventures as your skis. Light reflecting off solid surfaces such as packed snow focus UV rays, making them more potent. If you’re off to the mountains to hit the slopes, make sure you’re protected.

If you’re interested in seeing our wide range of snow sports eyewear, and trying on the styles and types to find the best fit for you, come and visit us in branch today.

Snow Sports Eyewear Eyesite Recommends

Winter Sunglasses

Our range of winter sunglasses includes the Oakley, Bollé and Maui Jim ranges. These manufacturers  all provide prescription versions of their lenses so there is no need to compromise your vision whilst on the slopes.

Zeal HD Camera Goggle

Packing a 1080p HD camera, 12MP still photography and countless other features, this goggle from Zeal marks the ultimate pairing of technology and winter fun. Offering POV photography as you ride as well as comprehensive UV protection, this goggle makes the latest innovation in sports eyewear.

Bollé Goggles

We stock the Bollé & Zeal goggles. The Bollé range offers different levels of vision and fit. Many Bolle goggles can be fitted with a prescription insert, to save you leaving your specs on under the goggles. They also have the option of interchangeable lenses with different tints so you can be prepared for any condition. The Zeal goggles do not only have state of the art lenses for maximum vision and protection, but also contain a built in camera so that you can record your antics and post it for your friends to see.

Snow Sports Eyewear Lens Tints

Tints in the yellow/brown range provide protection from harsh light on sunny mountainsides. By filtering out blue light, these tints can provide increased sight performance in even the brightest places.

Sunglasses and goggles are a personal item and it is important that the fit is right. This is why we recommend that you come in and try the eyewear for yourself so we can advise you on the fitting of your sunglasses or goggles.