Two men playing golf

Golf Eyewear

When you’re driving the ball down the fairway, you need to make sure your eyewear is keeping you one step ahead of the competition.

So that you know exactly where your ball lands, our golf specific frames have special contrast tints that allow the ball to stand out against both the green and the sky, making sure you’re always in control of your swing.

Many golf sunglasses are a wrapped style to get the greatest field of vision when teeing off, as well as giving an unparalleled level of protection from sunlight, glare and wind. A secure fit means quality of vision is not disrupted as you drive the ball down the fairway or distracted when lining up the putt.

For anyone that plays golf, whether you’re a weekend regularly or an occasional visitor to the driving range, here at Eyesite we’ve got the perfect eyewear for you. Come in to your local Eyesite branch to try on our latest ranges and styles.

Eyesite Recommends: Golf Eyewear

Oakley Triggerman

Available in polarized blue and brown tints, Oakley Triggerman glasses are optimised golf eyewear. Both secure and comfortable, the Oakley Triggerman sunglasses are ideal for the outdoor rigours of the golf course.

Maui Jim Makaha

Boasting 99.9% glare reduction, Maui Jim Makaha sunglasses allow you to spot a golf ball against both grass and sky with excellent clarity. These stylish and highly effective sunglasses reliably protect your eyes and enhance clarity of vision.

Best Tints For Golf Eyewear

When playing golf, the two most common colours you’ll want to have good contrast against are green and blue. Because of this, blue and brown tints work best. Blue tints absorb light and reduce glare, allowing you to see the ball better when you swing, while brown tints reduce blue light making the ball easier to spot against the sky as you drive it 300 yards down the fairway.

If you’d like any more advise or guidance on which eyewear will work best for you when you’re playing golf then visit one of our expert team.