Optometrist examing an eye for common eye conditions

Do I Need An Eye Test?

Eye tests are an important part of maintaining good eye health. As well as checking the overall health of your eyes, an eye test can help identify many common health conditions. An eye test every two years can help identify diabetes, high cholesterol and many more health problems.

It’s recommended that you take an eye test every two years. If you experience reduced vision, one of the common eye condition symptoms, or are over 40, we recommend you get more regular eye tests.

Reduced Vision

If you notice any changes in your vision, including blurriness, tired eyes or headaches, we recommend you get an eye test as soon as possible. Reduced vision can be caused by any number of health problems that an eye test can help identify.

What other symptoms should I look out for?

If you experience any of these symptoms, we recommend you get an eye test as soon as possible.


Changes in vision are a natural part of getting older. While anyone can develop an eye condition, some groups of people are more vulnerable. People aged 60 or over should get more frequent eye tests. If you’re over 40 and your family has a history of glaucoma, speak to your local optician about the frequency of your eye test.

Eye Tests for Children

Children can get an eye test from any age. At Eyesite, we recommend that children have their eyes tested before they start school. Our vision is a key element of our learning and development, so an eye test early can help us correct problems that may have a negative impact on your child’s growth.