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Contact Lens Pricing

We aim to make your contact lens pricing clear and easy to understand

1. The professional fees of contact lenses

As the table below explains, we offer you a choice of contact lens aftercare plans, from “pay as you go”, where you simply pay for consultations as you have them, or you can join one of our contact lens direct debit schemes, which allows you to spread the cost evenly over the year as well as cover you for unexpected extra visits. Our fantastic “Eyecare Advanced Gold” includes the best possible eye examinations and peace of mind that you can come in any time to see us without needing to pay for the consultation.

To maintain healthy contact lens wear, we recommend regular consultations to check your eyes and your contact lenses. How often you require these consultations will depend on a number of things, including the type of lenses and condition of your eyes. There may also be other occasions where you need to visit us. For example if you feel your prescription may be changing, if you experience soreness or discomfort with your contact lenses or if you wish to ask us about new lenses which may improve your contact lens wear.

2. Contact lenses and solution costs

The cost of contact lenses varies depending on the quality, complexity and replacement schedule. Like the fee element, lenses can be paid for as you go, or you can join a Direct Debit scheme and spread the cost evenly throughout the year.

For example, basic monthly contact lenses with solutions can cost as little as £15 per month, whereas the highest quality daily disposable lenses can cost up to £46 per month.

In between these there are higher quality monthly contact lenses, two weekly contact lenses, and other types of daily contact lenses.

As part of the fitting process, we can tell you about the different contact lenses which will suit your eyes, so you can make the right choices.

We want you to become a long term successful wearer. We will make sure to discuss fully with you the various cost implications so that you can find a lens which matches both your visual needs and your budget.