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Two-Weekly Contact Lenses

A popular choice, two-weekly contact lenses offer the ‘best of both worlds’ when it comes to daily and monthly contact lenses. Worn daily for two weeks as the name says, these types of contact lenses are frequently recommended to teenagers and first time wearers. This is because they don’t require quite as much maintenance as monthly contact lenses but still offer both comfortable and hydrated wear, ensuring your eyes remain healthy.

Two-Weekly vs. Daily Disposable & Monthly Contact Lenses

On the one hand, two-weekly contacts require more maintenance than daily disposables as they need to be cleaned appropriately between uses. However, dependent on the brand, two-weekly contact lenses can be a more affordable choice than daily contacts, as you are paying for a smaller amount of lenses overall.

If contact lens wearers with dry eyes aren’t getting along with monthly contact lenses, two-weekly lenses could again be the more affordable middle ground, rather than moving directly to daily contacts.

One disadvantage of two-weekly lenses is that unlike daily contacts, if you lose one, your contact lens routine could be disrupted for the rest of the month as you will need to open a spare, i.e. delving into your next fortnight’s pair.

How to care for your Two-Weekly Contact Lenses

As with monthly contact lenses, two-weekly contact lenses require a particular level of care in order to maintain healthy eyes. To see the steps of best practice contact lens care, visit our contact lens wear and care page.

Pros and Cons Of Reusable Contacts

The key advantages of these lenses include the following:
  • Often represent best value in price for regular wearers.
  • Available in the widest range of strengths and fittings to suit most eyes.
  • Good comfort and tend to be more resistant to drying out than daily disposable lenses.
  • The disadvantages of reusable contact lenses include the following:
  • Require regular cleaning and care.
  • You have to make them last longer.
The disadvantages of two-weekly or monthly contact lenses include:
  • They require regular cleaning.
  • They require more management when travelling due to the cleaning kit etc.
  • Losing one requires having to get a replacement from your optician.
  • They may also be a little less comfortable initially because they are thicker than daily disposables (for reusable durability).

Eyesite can help with Two-Weekly Contact Lenses

Eyesite have the expertise to advise you on the best contact lenses suited to your eyes’ requirements. If you think two-weekly contact lenses could be for you, book a free, specialist Contact Lens Experience appointment. Alternatively get in touch with a member of our expert team at your local branch.