Close up of contact lenses

Soft Lenses

Daily and Monthly disposable contact lenses are a great and comfortable way to switch to contacts at a reasonable price. Made from a silicon hydrogel material with higher gas permeability, these lenses allow 5 times more oxygen through the lens compared to standard lenses. This means your eyes stay moisturised during daily – and nightly – wear, whilst the more flexible lens material promotes prolonged comfort.

At Eyesite we offer a wide range of daily and monthly disposable contact lenses, which you can order online or in your local Eyesite practice.

Pros of Daily Contact Lenses

Hydrogel material is soft comfortable and easy to wear. This means it is easy for anyone to switch to contacts. The comfort and ease of use appeals to many people which is why daily contacts are some of the most common contact prescriptions in the UK.

Reasons for their popularity include:

  • No cleaning. Just throw the lenses away each night and open a new pair in the morning.
  • Simplified wear schedules. You do not need to remember when to replace lenses, just order more when you run low.
  • Daily lenses mean you can carry a spare pair of contacts for emergencies.
  • Daily disposable lenses are comfortable and easy to get used to wearing

While many people love daily disposable lenses, they are not right for all contact users. Some people like rigid contact lenses for their durability or they may prefer monthly disposable lenses as they are slightly less expensive. Consult an optician before changing contact lenses.

Cons of Daily Contact Lenses

  • Daily disposable lenses cost slightly more than monthly or rigid lenses.
  • Using more lenses is not as environmentally friendly.
  • Daily disposable lenses do not make vision quite as sharp as rigid lenses.

Pros of Monthly Contact Lenses

Improved contact lens technology offers glasses wearers a wider variety of choices when it comes to vision correction solutions. Monthly contact lenses eliminate some of the challenges and frustrations that come with wearing standard contact lenses, and bring a whole host of benefits.

These include:

  • Some monthly lenses can be worn for a week without ever taking them off.
  • Many types of monthly disposable contact lenses can be worn whilst you sleep – without posing risks to your eyes.
  • You only need 24 contact lenses for the whole year.
  • They let up to 5 times more air to the eye, which helps promote eye health.
  • Monthly lenses made from hydrogel are more flexible and comfortable than standard lenses.
  • They are better value than daily disposable options and more eco-friendly.

Despite their many advantages, monthly disposable lenses are not for everyone. Some people prefer rigid contact lenses or daily disposable lenses for everyday wear. Whatever your preference, at Eyesite we can find you the best vision correction solution to suit your needs. Please make sure you talk to an optician before changing your contact lenses.

Cons of Monthly Contact Lenses

If you are considering changing to monthly contact lenses, you may want to consider the following:

  • Monthly lenses cannot always provide the crisp focus of RGP lenses.
  • They require regular cleaning and care, unlike daily disposable lenses.
  • They can tear easily if handled inappropriately.

Contact Lens Advice

When it comes to choosing the right type of contact lenses for you, comfort, convenience, and quality of vision are the key variables to bear in mind. Always talk to your optician before making a decision, as they will be able to offer advice depending on your eye health and lifestyle requirements. At Eyesite, we offer a free, no-obligation contact lens experience, so that you can try before you buy!