Ortho-K Lenses: Restoring Your Vision While You Sleep

Ortho-K (Orthokeratology) contact lenses shape your eye while you sleep, so you can enjoy 20/20 vision all day long.

60% of your eye’s focusing power comes from the cornea. The cornea is extremely sensitive to very small changes. 6 µm flattening of corneal thickness (around 5% of the thickness of a human hair) results in 1 diopter of changed vision in myopia.

A specially shaped lens can be used to lightly press the cornea, causing it to gradually be reshaped to the correct shape for focused vision. There is some evidence to suggest that, unlike other eyesight correction mechanisms, Ortho-K may also reduce future eyesight changes or increased myopia, particularly in children.

  • Ortho-K has been used in the UK since 2002
  • Ortho-K treatment can last up to 48 hours between wearing
  • Ortho-K can provide 20/20 vision
  • It’s suitable for high risk professions that need good eyesight, like firemen

Find out more about Ortho-K in our latest infographic:


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