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Monthly Contact Lenses

For those seeking more cost-effective contact lenses, monthly lenses are an ideal solution. Not as expensive as disposable daily contacts, monthly contact lenses also allow more air to enter into your eyes, keeping them healthy. In addition, those made from hydrogel are more comfortable to wear in contrast to standard lenses.

Some monthly contact lenses can also be worn for up to a week without removing and can even be worn while you sleep, these are also known as extended wear contact lenses.

How to take care of monthly contact lenses

First and foremost, having clean hands is a must when handling your contact lenses. Whenever you put in or remove your monthly lenses, you should wash your hands with soap and dry well to ensure the process is hygienic. You should ensure your nails are trimmed to a suitable length to avoid splitting or tearing your contacts.

The type of monthly contact lenses you wear determines how often you will need to remove them, however, when you do remove your contact lenses, you should clean BOTH your contact lenses and case the way you have been advised. Your contact lenses and contact lenses case should be replaced between the recommended time period.

Daily vs Monthly Contact Lenses

Selecting either daily or monthly contact lenses is totally dependent on your individual lifestyle and preferences. Whilst daily contact lenses are good for those looking to build confidence or who want flexibility and easy wear, if cost-effectiveness and clarity are make-or-break factors for you, then monthly contact lenses may be the best choice.

Pros of Monthly Contact Lenses

Improved contact lens technology offers glasses wearers a wider variety of choices when it comes to vision correction solutions. Monthly contact lenses eliminate some of the challenges and frustrations that come with wearing standard contact lenses, and bring a whole host of benefits.

These include:

  • Some monthly lenses can be worn for a week without ever taking them off.
  • Many types of monthly disposable contact lenses can be worn whilst you sleep – without posing risks to your eyes.
  • You only need 24 contact lenses for the whole year.
  • They let up to 5 times more air to the eye, which helps promote eye health.
  • Monthly lenses made from hydrogel are more flexible and comfortable than standard lenses.
  • They are better value than daily disposable options and more eco-friendly.

Despite their many advantages, monthly disposable lenses are not for everyone. Some people prefer rigid contact lenses or daily disposable lenses for everyday wear. Whatever your preference, at Eyesite we can find you the best vision correction solution to suit your needs. Please make sure you talk to an optician before changing your contact lenses.

Cons of Monthly Contact Lenses

If you are considering changing to monthly contact lenses, you may want to consider the following:

  • Monthly lenses cannot always provide the crisp focus of RGP lenses.
  • They require regular cleaning and care, unlike daily disposable lenses.
  • They can tear easily if handled inappropriately.

Eyesite can help with monthly contact lenses

Eyesite’s experienced practitioners can advise you on the best monthly contact lenses for your lifestyle. We offer a free specialist contact lens experience for you to try out particular contact lenses and see what works for you.