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What Are Tinted Lenses For?

Coloured or tinted sunglasses come in and out of style all the time. But as well as complimenting your summer threads, lens tints serve a variety of important purposes. A good tinted lens protects your eyes against UV radiation. They can also give you a high-contrast vision experience even in glaring or diffuse light. Sunlight has the unpleasant characteristic of not showing contrasts adequately. Daylight has a high percentage of blue scattered light that overpowers the other colours, which leads to low-contrast vision. Tinted lenses can filter the blue light radiation down to the optimum level. Objects appear with high contrast, and colours and details appear natural.

Subtle Tints for Prescription Glasses

Besides fashionable coloured tints, your lenses can be treated with anti-glare or anti-scratch treatments and specialist tints. Slight blue tints on your prescription lenses can reduce glare from monitors and screens, making them ideal for office workers and people who use screens a lot.

Specialist driver tints are also available. Ideal for daytime driving, a driving tint will give you sharper vision behind the wheel. Its special tint enhances contrast and blocks UV light to give you a clearer view of the road.

Coloured Tints

Bright Tints

Bright tints, like yellows and light browns are very in this season. Not only do they look fab, but they also provide UV protection and superior clarity. They’re very effective at filtering out blue light from electronic devices meaning they can be helpful for people using screens on a regular basis.

Rose tinted sunglasses aren’t just a nostalgic way to see the world. They help to reduce blue light, which improves contrast by offering maximum glare and light protection. The high contrast makes them very soothing to the eyes and allows you to see details better, as well as visual depth. This makes them ideal for lazy summer driving.

Dark Tints

Dark green or grey tinted sunglasses are ideal for when you’re out and about in the summer sun. Dark tints mute brightness, but maintain clarity and strong contrasts. They are dark enough to provide protection from glare, but are still light enough to ensure that your vision is not impaired.

Blue tinted sunglasses were massive in the 80s, giving them a great retro look. They also absorb the light and reduce glare in hazy sunshine. They’re also brilliant at helping define contours while also enhancing colour perception.

Transition Lenses

Transitioning tints react to the amount of light they are exposed to, allowing you to combine your prescription sunglasses and your regular glasses. When you’re in darker areas, like indoors, the lens tint clears, but when you move into brighter areas, the lens darkens, offering optimum UV protection.

Prescription Lens Sunglasses

Here at Eyesite we are able to offer prescription sunglasses lenses in a range of colours to match your personal style and functional requirements. Visit the sunglasses section of our online store or just pop into one of our local branches to discuss your requirements with one of our expert optometrists.