Tips for Healthy Eyes

There’s so much advice around about how to stay healthy and look after yourself, but most of that focuses on larger areas of your body. What about your eyes?
Despite being only a very small part of you, your eyes need looking after too. After all, you only get one pair so make sure you’re taking good care of them!
Here are a few simple tips on how to maintain healthy eyes:

1. Be aware of your family’s eye health history

It’s really important that you’re aware of any kind of eye conditions or eye diseases that have affected your family – some of these may be hereditary such as diabetes or glaucoma. Having this knowledge could help lead to an earlier diagnosis for you and, in turn, help to protect your eyes.

2. Lead a healthy lifestyle

Most of us try to be good and take care of ourselves, but leading a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to mean hitting the gym after work every night and living off smoothies. Simple things like not smoking, doing moderate exercise regularly and eating a balanced diet can all contribute to your overall health and the health of your peepers!


3.Wear sunglasses

Wearing sunglasses all year round, even in the winter, helps to protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Find yourself a pair of cool shades that block 100% of UV rays to best look after your eyes. Want to know more about wearing sunnies in winter? Check out our blog on why they’re so important.

4. Let your eyes get some rest

Just as your body tires, your eyes do too. If you’re using a computer screen, phone or tablet for prolonged periods across the day, make sure you take regular breaks. These don’t have to be long – simply every 20 minutes, look at something 20 feet away from you for 20 seconds. Read our blog to learn more about how to look after your eyes if you use a computer regularly.

5. Keep your hands clean

Washing your hands helps minimise your risk of transferring an infection into your eye. If you work in a city, or a large communal space, be careful to keep your hands clean from the germs and try to keep your hands aware from your face.


6. Have regular eye examinations

Undergoing eye examinations regularly, at least every 2 years, will give you a clear and updated record on the health of your eyes. Expert optometrists will be able to monitor your eyes, the health of your eyes and your vision in one appointment to give you the peace of mind that your eyes are as healthy as possible. At Eyesite, we offer an extensive range of eye examinations, so book today for your check up!

All of these tips are really easy to incorporate into your daily routine, and all will help to keep your eyes healthy. Just a few easy changes can make a big difference to keeping your eyes healthy and your vision as good as it can be. If you’d like more advice on how to maintain healthy eyes, visit us in one of branches today or get in touch with a member of our team.