Party Season Make-Up Tricks for Glasses Wearers

With the festive party season in full swing, many of us will be desperately searching for the perfect dress, shoes, and everything else in between, to make sure we look absolutely fabulous at the work Christmas party. Of course, no glam party look would be complete without the right eye make-up, but for glasses wearers this can be tricky to get right.

Whilst a great many will opt for contacts on a big night out, there are others who prefer to keep their frames on. If you’re of the latter group, you may be wondering why you should even bother with eye make-up – but there’s absolutely no reason why you should sacrifice glammed up eyes for your glasses!

Read on for quick and easy party season make-up tricks for glasses wearers:

Go Bronze

Bronze, metallic eyeshadow is big news in the beauty world, and for glasses wearers it’s an excellent colour of choice to make your eyes stand out. Unlike the classic smokey eye, warm metallic and shimmery shades are much softer and will help to lighten your eye area. The Maybelline Palette The Nudes is a great product for mixing bronze hues to create a more intense look that contrasts your frames. Apply a slick of white eyeliner in the corner of your eye and along the bottom rim to add impact.

Load up on Liner

Eyeliner is a glasses wearers’ best friend when it comes to creating a stand-out party season eye make-up look. Choose a soft black kohl like Revlon’s Colorstay Eyeliner to line your eyes along the top and bottom lashes. Keep the line thin on the inner corners and thicker as you sweep it across and gently smudge to create a smokey-eyed look. For added intensity, use a thin black liquid liner to outline your lashes on your top lid. Then apply a couple of coats of mascara to your top lashes.

Glamorous Glitter

If you really want to make an impact, glitter eyeshadow is guaranteed to make your eyes pop beneath your frames. It’s also the perfect festive party season make-up look, and is actually really easy to create. Whatever shade of shimmer you choose to jazz up your eyes, make sure you apply a cream eyeshadow base first before adding the glitter. This will help to keep it in place. Use a slightly damp brush to apply the glitter, dabbing on bit by bit and using gentle pressure to help it set. Use a touch of Vaseline on a piece of tissue to wipe away any excess glitter.

Boost your Brows

Glasses naturally draw attention to your brows, so make sure yours are well groomed and enhanced to make the right impact. Pluck or trim any stray hairs and use a brow defining product such as Benefit’s Browzings Eyebrow Shaping Kit to fill in any sparse spots. Sweep a light dusting of shimmer powder underneath to define your brow bone and lift your eye area.

And don’t forget…

  • Since you can’t apply make-up wearing your glasses, use a magnifying mirror to help you see better.
  • Curl your top lashes so they flick upwards and don’t hit your lenses.
  • The thicker your frames, the thicker your eyeliner needs to be to make your eyes stand out.
  • The colour of your eyeshadow shouldn’t compete with the colour of your frames.

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