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Makeup and Eye Health

Wearing eye makeup can make your eyes stand out and, for many of us, it’s fun to apply and experiment with creating different looks. But despite slicking on the mascara being a part of our everyday routine for lots of us, there’s a dangerous side to makeup that not all of us are aware of…
Our eyes, and the area around our eyes, is incredibly delicate. Considering the amount of different makeup products some of us use around this small area, it’s important that we fully understand how to best look after our eyes and enjoy wearing makeup at the same time.

Is mascara bad for your eyes?

Mascara is designed to be applied around the area of the eye and, therefore, is considerate towards the sensitivity of the eye. However mascara, along with other eye makeup products, does have a use by date. It’s important to be aware of this because, as the makeup dries out or becomes over-used, the amount of dirt and/or bacteria produced within it increases. Obviously, when continually used to coat your lashes, this can cause an eye infection or irritate your eyes. We recommend you pay attention to the use by date on your eye makeup products which, generally speaking, is around four months after opening the product.

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Is eyeliner bad for your eyes?

Typically, eyeliner is applied dangerously close to the eye itself. Getting any particles in your eye can cause irritation or an eye makeup infection, and this goes for eyeliner too. Although applying eyeliner is a painstakingly slow process, try and spend a little bit more time leaving space between your eye and the black line! It’ll help maintain the health of your eyes, without having to avoid eyeliner altogether.

Also, try and avoid applying any eye makeup (especially eyeliner) whilst you’re on the move. If you’re in a car or on a train, the movement of the transport can jolt you unexpectedly and, if you’re at a crucial moment of makeup application, this can not only ruin your makeup but also cause damage to your eye. If the wand of your mascara or the pencil of your eyeliner enters your eye it can cause a scratch on your cornea which in turn can lead to corneal abrasions. These are particularly painful and can lead to bacterial eye infections.

The dangers of false eyelashes

Despite the longing for fuller and more voluminous lashes, wearing false eyelashes can be potentially dangerous for your eyes. The most obvious reason why it may present a danger is the use of the adhesive close to the eye. If this glue reaches the tear film or ocular surface, it can cause eye infections which might lead to scarring. It’s also been proven that the length of false eyelashes channels the wind straight into the eye, carrying with it dirt and dust. This can also make the eye drier quicker, leading to dry eye syndrome. So, despite many preferring the look of false lashes, there are side effects to these artificial eyelashes.

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Does curling your eyelashes damage them?

Curling your eyelashes can really accentuate your eyes but, if not done correctly, this process can actually break your lashes and cause gapping in the line of your eyelashes. Make sure you pay attention to the instructions given to you, either upon purchase or included in the box. Also, by not keeping your eyelash curlers clean you can actually spread a build-up of bacteria across your eye. It’s really important to keep all of your makeup brushes, sponges or applicators clean by washing them regularly in warm water. If you don’t make time to do this then each time you use that brush you are spreading bacteria and dirt around the area of your eyes.

Never EVER share makeup

Although it can be tempting to use your friends mascara if you don’t have yours on you, this is a big no no. Sharing makeup and brushes can lead to cross-infection which can result in a makeup infection, irritation, redness and swelling. Even though you may think that using your friends’ eyeliner makes you look more attractive, you may have to put up with some very unattractive side effects afterwards!

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Makeup Removal

Although it’s a bit of a pain sometimes, taking off your makeup at night (especially your eye makeup) is so important! If you decide to leave it on then this can block pores and increase the build-up of oils. If you don’t remove eye makeup, you’re likely to rub your eyes either before you go to bed or when you wake up, and push dirt and particles into your eye. Also, make sure you’re using the right removal products, otherwise you’ll just spread around the bacteria and increase the risk of causing an infection.

Discover more about your eye health

At Eyesite, we may not be makeup specialists, but we are experts in eye care and eye health. We understand that there are plenty of makeup-lovers out there, and we’re here to make sure that you can still wear the makeup you want to wear whilst looking after your beautiful eyes at the same time!

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