Jewellery for your Eyes – Does it exist?

eye jewelleryAside from bold theatre and Halloween contact lenses you see advertised online and in shops (which you should be avoiding), there probably aren’t many other out-of-the-ordinary eye accessories you’ve seen in your lifetime. However, that doesn’t mean to say they don’t exist! Here’s a taste of what people have tried to make happen with jewellery and eyes, and they’re both somewhat controversial.

Platinum Eye Jewellery Implants

This might be one to skip if you’re squeamish – in 2013 a Manhattan ophthalmologist implanted a piece of platinum jewellery beneath the surface of a patient’s eye. The small heart shaped stud caused a lot of conversation. Originally invented by a Dutch eye surgeon in 2004, not many procedures have been completed, and it has not been FDA approved. The American Academy of Ophthalmology stated that there is no “sufficient evidence to support the safety or therapeutic value of this procedure.”

Many concerns surrounded the fact that they may cause scar tissue and have the potential to allow harmful bacteria to enter the eye, potentially harming vision.

Contact Lens Jewellery

Ever wondered if you could dangle diamonds and crystals from your eyeballs? Wonder no more – Dutch artist Eric Klarenbeek, a proclaimed ‘designer of the unusual’ attempted to make it happen. The Eye Jewellery Project in 2008 combined contact lenses with a string of crystals, making it look almost like small shiny tears dangling from your eyes – take a look:

Was it painful?

The artist behind the project claimed that you cannot feel the medical wire between your eyes, with the contact lenses moving freely around. This is despite many raising concerns that the wire would rub the delicate skin around your eyes when you blink. This certainly does seem viable, as Ophthalmologist Dr Brian Boxer-Wachler stated:

“I would expect it to cause some irritation if it were to be worn for a prolonged length of time.”

Was it safe?