Get Your Sunglasses Ready For Summer

Believe it or not, summer is here! Somewhere beyond the rain clouds that are such a feature of British summer is a blazing sun just waiting to come out so we can go to the beach and maybe have a barbecue.
Summer is a time of year to take care of your eyes. UV rays come from the sun all year round, but in summer, we’re outdoors more and the sun shines harder and longer. Of course, to protect yourself, you can always deploy your trusty sunglasses. But how long has it been since you have needed them? The trouble with the British weather is that sometimes the sunny days are few and far between. As a result, your sunglasses can get neglected – tossed in a drawer for months and not thought about until those gorgeous rays of sun peek through the curtains.

2017 Summer Sunglasses Styles

Yellow lenses in quirky, plastic frames or retro, aviator styles are going to be huge this summer. According to the fashion mags, yellow tints and aviator-style frames are coming back into fashion. They combine the good-taste-meets-bad-taste style we’ve seen recently (hello there, geek glasses!) with a retro 70s vibe. If 70s browns and yellows aren’t your thing, the 80s look is also making waves in men’s sunglasses. Ray-Ban Original Wayfarers are big, as well as Oakley’s strong blue-tint lens-in-clear-plastic Frogskins.
Whatever your style, this summer go retro and rock the “timeless” look.


Sunglasses Care

In the same way that your eyes need a regular check up, it’s time to give your sunglasses a check up too. Once you’ve picked your summer style, make sure you take good care of those sunnies! That sun could appear any day now.
If you haven’t had your sunglasses out for a while, check to make sure the frames are sound. Loose arms or lenses are common issues with long-neglected frames. Make sure your sunglasses frames are secure and tighten the screws if necessary.
If your lenses are dirty or smeared, use a lint-free soft cloth and lens cleaner solution to clean them. Don’t just breath on them and rub them on your shirt. This can result in your lenses getting scratched and only succeeds in wiping the dirt around evenly rather than removing it.
If you’re having an active day in the sunshine, attach a neck strap or cord to prevent your sunglasses from falling off while running or cycling.

Sunglasses Do’s & Don’ts


  • Use two hands to take sunglasses off to stop the frames becoming curved and bent
  • Put your sunglasses in a case
  • Fold the arms in and place them with the lenses facing upwards if you can’t put them in a case


  • Put your sunglasses in your pocket or purse with keys or objects that could scratch them
  • Lay them lenses-down onto a surface
  • Rest sunglasses on top of your head as that can stretch the frames

Tints & Coatings

Coloured or tinted sunglasses come in and out of style all the time. But as well as complimenting your summer threads, lens tints serve a variety of important purposes.


Dark Tints

Smoke-grey and grey-green sunglasses are great for bright sunny days. They mute brightness, but don’t de-value any specific colour offering very even colour perception. They are dark enough to provide protection from glare, but are still light enough to ensure that your vision is not impaired.
Blue tinted sunglasses were massive in the 80s, giving them a great retro look. They also absorb the light and reduce glare in hazy sunshine. They’re also brilliant at helping define contours while also enhancing colour perception.

Bright Tints

Yellow or amber coloured lens sunglasses are back in style and offer maximum sight performance through a high intensity tint. They’re also very effective at filtering out blue light from electronic devices meaning they can also help reduce eye fatigue and headaches.
Rose tinted sunglasses help to reduce blue light, which improves contrast by offering maximum glare and light protection. The high contrast makes them very soothing to the eyes and allow you to see details better, as well as visual depth. This makes them effective for summer driving. Brown sunglasses lenses reduce the blue light even more effectively. They are a good all-rounder in changeable weather conditions, which is part of the reason why they have always been popular.


To get the best protection from the elements, there are a range of coatings you can get for your sunglasses.
Anti-reflection coating
Anti-reflection lens coating virtually eliminates reflections and flare from the surface of your sunglasses. Reducing reflected light is particularly helpful for reading mobile phone screens outdoors. Anti-reflection coatings also improve the cosmetic appearance of your lenses, making thick lenses look thinner.
Scratch-resistance coating
Plastic lenses are lighter than traditional sunglasses lenses, but they scratch more easily. Even the most stylish pair of designer sunglasses can be spoiled by scratched lenses. A scratch-resistant hard coating ensures that your sunglasses are more durable and protected against damage. Scratch-resistant sunglasses are ideal for frequent wearers of sunglasses who need a long-lasting lens.
Multi-coated lenses
Multi-coated lenses are a combination of coatings, including extra UV protection, anti-reflection, scratch-resistant, and water repellent. Multi-coated sunglasses lenses provide the ultimate protection for your sunglasses and ensure optimum performance.
Whatever your style this summer, you’ll find your perfect pair of sunglasses at Eyesite. We stock the latest designer brands, including Oakley, Maui Jim, Ray-Ban and more. Visit your local Eyesite practice for the latest frames and prescription sunglasses.