Man wishing he had anti-fog glasses

Eyesite sells brand new award-winning Optifog lenses

Eyesite opticians have been selected to supply a fantastic new lens product, launched in the UK this week. Optifog is the first premium ophthalmic lens to bring a perfect and durable protection against fogged-up spectacle lenses. Research reveals that 78% of spectacle wearers find fogged lenses an annoyance when moving between indoor and outdoor temperatures and 52% are annoyed by lenses steaming-up when cooking.

Optifog is a new technology developed by Essilor researchers. It makes optical lenses super water-attracting (hydrophilic) and is appropriate for single vision, varifocal and sun-lenses. A world leader in the design of optical lenses, Essilor is the first to market with this permanent coating system. A drop of Optifog Activator is applied to each side of the Optifog lens weekly to keep vision fog-free. Although there are some sprays that can be used to reduce fogging a little, Optifog is being seen as a true solution.

David Samuel, Managing Director of Eyesite said:
“At Eyesite we are all excited about this product launch, which will be hugely beneficial to our customers.”
The launch of Optifog has been covered this week on both BBC Radio 2 and in the Daily Mail. It won the Silmo d’Or award 2011 at the Paris Optical Show in the vision category.

With 37 million people in the UK needing vision correction, foggy spectacles are a widespread problem. Cyclists, runners, team and racquet sports players alike are affected. But this could change for good thanks to this anti-fog technology, which prevents glasses from steaming up. When condensation forms, Optifog creates a thin, invisible film rather than fogging the lens. It is effective even when jogging or cycling on a frosty morning.