Eyesite Winchester – All new technologies in both examinations and eyewear

New in at Eyesite Winchester is the beautiful Tom Davies spectacle frame range…

Have you ever struggled to find the frame you really like or one that fits properly? The Tom Davies range can be made exactly to your choice of colour, finish and size – your own bespoke frames, made just for you! Come in and ask us to show you them.

Also now available – Optifog lenses, as worn by chef James Martin – amazing new technology that stops your lenses steaming up – and they really work!

Do you want the most thorough eye examination you have ever had? Book in for our new ‘Advanced Gold’ eye examination which includes Ocular Coherence Tomography (OCT) and Optomap…

Recently installed at Eyesite Winchester, the OCT is similar to an ultrasound, allowing us to look at the health of the layers of the back of your eye – something not possible otherwise.

Optomap is an ultra wide digital retinal scan, allowing us to see a much more detailed map of your retina (the back of your eye), than a traditional eye examination would allow.

OCT and Optomap give us a much better opportunity to diagnose and manage eye problems at earlier stages and both are entirely noninvasive.

Book today for our most comprehensive eye examination to date.