Eyesite Oxford offers breakthrough for varifocals wearers

If you’ve ever wished for a pair of glasses that give you ultimate vision with no compromises, then your wish has just come true.
Eyesite Oxford is one of only 70 opticians in the UK to dispense a revolutionary new varifocal spectacle lens called Varilux S-Series before its nationwide launch next year.

If you already wear varifocal glasses you’ll appreciate that no matter how much your glasses improve your vision, there have been limitations with all varifocal designs, most commonly a swimming sensation at the sides of your lenses or a narrower field of vision that you would like. Sound familiar?

Varilux S-Series is the first and only varifocal lens design currently available that eliminates these annoying constraints, giving you ultimate clear vision with no compromises. And you could be one of the very first wearers in the UK to try it!

If you don’t wear glasses but find you’ve been holding reading material at arm’s length in order to focus, Varilux S-Series could be the ideal solution for your vision too.