Eyesite sponsors fun #VisionWeek charity campaign

Running from 12 to 16 May, #VisionWeek is being sponsored by us at Eyesite: in return for every ‘selfie’ or image posted up by Twitter and Facebook followers donning spectacles or sunglasses, we will pledge to donate £1 to the charity Vision Aid Overseas.

Selfies should have ‘#VisionWeek’ in the caption. Take a look at our gorgeous supporters here on Facebook and here on Twitter.
We are aiming to raise £2,000 from the campaign, with funds going towards fighting poverty in developing countries including Ethiopia and Burkino Faso, through improved access to eyecare.

Commenting, Vision Aid Overseas development director Jeremy Jalie said he hoped the campaign would raise awareness and help build a wider online community for the charity, particularly amongst those who might not already be aware of VAO’s work.“This type of campaign is immediate and visible and absolutely anyone can get involved – it’s a great way to support what we do,” he said. “Not only can we be transparent about our fundraising – people can see exactly how much is being pledged and why those funds will make a big difference – but it’s also a way for our supporters to directly engage with the charity, which is very important for us.”

Eyesite fully behind Vision Aid Overseas
James Green, co-founder and director of Eyesite, said “As a titanium sponsor, Eyesite is delighted to be involved with #VisionWeek by donating £1 for every image uploaded,” he added, “Eyesite has been a fully committed supporter of the charity for many years and we’re right behind any initiative that helps them to raise more funds.

“In the UK we don’t realise how lucky we are to have such easy access to eyecare. For millions of people in developing countries every day is a struggle, just for want of a pair of glasses. But the good news is that with initiatives like #VisionWeek, everyone can support the fantastic work that Vision Aid Overseas is doing in Africa with just a few clicks. Having volunteered at a Vision Aid Overseas project in Burkina Faso myself, I’ve seen the utter joy that a pair of glasses brings to someone who’s been living a life of poverty because they couldn’t see well enough to work, so I urge everyone to join in with #VisionWeek this May – I can guarantee it really will make a difference to many people’s lives.”

Would you like to support #VisionWeek? Follow us on Twitter & Facebook and share your spectacle selfies from May 12 – 16.
Thank you!