Glasses as gifts

A Guide to Buying Glasses as a Gift

Glasses make the ideal gift at Christmas, and we’re not just saying that because we’re an optician! Buying glasses as a gift is personal, thoughtful and practical – all categories that make for the perfect Christmas present. But if you’ve got your heart set on getting some gorgeous frames for that special someone then we’ve got some advice for you before you buy.

Consider their face shape

No matter how much you, or they, may adore a certain pair of frames, it’s absolutely no use if the new specs don’t suit their face. It’s also crucial to remember that if you’ve tried on a pair and they look fab, don’t just assume that because they look good on you then they’ll look good on them too!

Think about frame shape

Now you’ve identified their face shape, make sure that you’re browsing the right shape of glasses that complement their face. Say your gift recipient wants to style themselves on John Lennon, for example, if they already have a round face then definitely avoid those little circle specs!

Choose the right colour

It’s just as important to consider skin tone as it is face shape. This applies to the colour of frames and also to the tint of sunglasses. Certain colours really don’t go with certain skin tones, so just make sure that you’re considering what colour will best suit your special someone.

We’ve got loads of information on the detailed Dos and Don’ts of glasses purchasing, so make sure you’re clued up on these facts before you buy those glasses as a gift!

What else goes with glasses?

If you’ve selected your glasses as a gift, or if you know someone who has just bought a pair of new glasses, then these added extras make the ideal Christmas gifts or stocking stuffers to accompany their new specs…

1. Cases
A lovely new case goes a long way with individuals who take great pride in their glasses. Why not find a wonderful wintery looking one? That way they can swap depending on the season, keeping their glasses looking fresh and on-trend all year round!

2. Cords
If your special someone is always losing their glasses, why not buy them a glasses cord – the true definition of a useful gift!

3. Cloths and Sprays
A set of cloths and sprays are a great gift at Christmas. They’re exactly the kind of thing that’s not only extremely useful but also very important when it comes to looking after your glasses properly.

4. Glasses Stand
If your gift recipient already has 101 glasses cases then check out an alternative glasses storage solution in the form of a stand! These are perfectly suited as an overnight place to store a pair of specs!

5. Sports Eyewear
If you’re buying for someone who is crazy about sport, whether it’s fishing, cricket, snowboarding or anything in between then check out our incredible ranges of sports eyewear. We have a specialist in-store selection to suit every occasion and every unique gift.

At Eyesite we’ve got loads of glasses gift inspiration, so if you’re a bit stuck on what to buy then pop in to your local branch and a member of our team will be happy to advise you on the perfect present!