Glasses wearer problems

5 Problems Only People With Glasses Will Understand

Wearing glasses has become something of a fashion trend in recent years. Stylish beards and geeky glasses are all the rage, whether the wearers have eye problems or not. Lucky for them, they can take their glasses off whenever they please and don’t have to handle the glasses gripes some of us struggle through every day…

Waking Up

Every gosh darn morning… The daily struggle of trying to remember where you put them the night before and people’s unhelpful advice:
“Try looking for them”
“I need my glasses to look for my glasses!”


This is the average glasses wearer’s view of a rainy day… And of a hot drink. And the inside of the oven. And the inside of a warm room on a cold day.
Foggy lenses can turn simple, everyday activities like crossing the road into exciting and perilous trips into the unknown.

3D Movies

Let’s face it, you only have so much nose space for glasses. Stacking up the pairs not only looks silly, but can get quite uncomfortable.

Changing Glasses

If you don’t have varifocal or transition lenses, you’ll do this a lot.

Losing Your Glasses

Losing your glasses is the worst, especially in a crowd. You’re always dreading the sound of crunching glasses as you grope desperately for your lost specs.

Glasses may have their problems, but never forget…

So pick up your new frames today! But if your specs are becoming too much of a pain, maybe it’s time to make the switch to contact lenses. Visit your local Eyesite branch for a consultation and a free, no obligation contact lens trial. Whatever your eye care needs, we’re here to help.