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Sunglass Lens Coatings

When you’re out in the sunshine, you need to protect your eyes more than usual. At Eyesite, you’ll find a great range of sunglasses with a wide selection of lenses and coatings, customised to your needs.

Eyesite offers high quality designer prescription sunglasses with lens options including tinted lenses, UV protection lenses and more. No matter what your eye care needs, trust in Eyesite for great service and choice. Protect your eyes with a stylish pair of designer sunglasses.

Types of Sunglass Lenses

Varifocal lenses have a graduated section in which the power of the lens progresses smoothly from one prescription to the other, allowing a wearer with presbyopia to see clearly at all distances. If your usual prescription calls for varifocal lenses, varifocal prescription sunglasses are ideal for summer and sunshine. Visit your local Eyesite store for more information about which prescription sunglass lens is best for you.

Types of Sunglass Lens Coatings

Anti-Reflection Coating

Reflection-free lens coating virtually eliminates reflections and flare from the surface of your sunglasses. Reducing reflected light is particularly helpful for reading mobile phone screens outdoors. Anti-reflection sunglasses also improve the cosmetic appearance of your lenses, making thick lenses look thinner.

Scratch-Resistant / Hard Coating

Plastic lenses are lighter than traditional sunglass lenses, but they scratch more easily. Even the most stylish pair of designer sunglasses can be spoiled by scratched lenses. A scratch-resistant hard coating ensures that your sunglasses are more durable and protected against damage. Scratch-resistant sunglasses are ideal for frequent wearers of sunglasses who need a long-lasting lens.

Multi-coated lenses

Multi-coated lenses are a combination of coatings, including extra UV protection, anti-reflection, scratch-resistant, and water repellent. Multi-coated sunglass lenses to provide the ultimate protection for your sunglasses and ensure optimum performance.

To find out more about what type of sunglass lenses and frames are best suited to your requirements drop in and talk to one of our friendly opticans.