Target Sports Eyewear

Prescription Shooting Glasses from Eyesite

Hitting the bull’s eye of a target takes incredible accuracy and skill. When it comes to target sports then good, clear vision is essential. Special tints can increase contrast to help make sure you hit your target. Eyewear specifically designed for shooting also provides protection from the elements.

As most shooting events take place outside, many shooting eyewear products come with full UV protection and some have interchangeable lenses for any weather condition. For those that want the most weather-adaptable eyewear, photochromic lenses are a great choice, reacting to varying light conditions without the need to swap and change lenses.

If you’re interested in the wide range of prescription shooting glasses that we have in branch then please feel free to come in and speak directly to a member of our expert team.

Eyesite Recommends: Target Sports Eyewear

Top Gun Shooting Glasses

For all round protection and perfect vision, Eyesite recommends Top Gun Safety Glasses for target shooting. These polycarbonate shooting glasses are lightweight and durable, with a range of tints that offer all round protection for skeet and sporting shooters. The tints are interchangeable, allowing you to make the most of every condition.

Prescription Shooting Glasses

To hit the best shot you need the best vision. At Eyesite, we provide durable prescription lenses for prescription shooting glasses. Thanks to our prescription lenses, you can continue to enjoy target shooting, regardless of your vision quality.

Tints for Target Sports Eyewear

When it comes to target sports eyewear, you need versatility. The tint of your lenses can be switched depending on the weather, to give you the best possible shot at seeing the target. For overcast days, foggy days or any time of poor light, choose a yellow or vermillion tint.

For bright days, use a blue or brown tint to reduce glare and enhance contrast, allowing you to pick out your target with ease.

If you want to find out more about the perfect target sports eyewear to help you hit that bulls eye, please pop in to your local Eyesite branch to have a chat with our friendly, expert team.