Man in red top and sunglasses running

Running Eyewear

If you’re a runner, no matter what level you’re at, you’ll need frame that stays in place whilst you’re constantly on the move. You also need to protect your eyes from wind, rain and stone chips thrown up from the ground, and eliminate glare from roads and grass to maintain a safe and steady pace.

At Eyesite, we offer an extensive range of running eyewear suitable for all running abilities across all terrains. We stock wrapped frames with impact resistant polarised lenses that are ideal for running no matter where you are. We also have the option of frames with interchangeable lenses. These are very useful as they allow for clear lenses to be fitted for running at night, giving excellent vision but also protection from the wind.

Amongst our collection of sports eyewear you’re sure to find the most comfortable and lightweight pair of frames to keep you on the move. Come in to one of our branches and try on a variety of eyewear with our expert team on hand to help and advise you.

Eyesite Recommends: Running Eyewear

Oakley Badman Polarized

The combination of Three-Point Fit gripping technology and the precision of custom-engineered spring hinge mechanisms mean that Oakley Badman Frames will stay on no matter where you run. Available with a range of coloured, polarized tints, these specialist running sunglasses can be picked up at your local Eyesite store.

Bollé Python

With an aggressive look and strong, reliable frame, Bolle Python frames make excellent running glasses. These professional and stylish prescription running sunglasses are ideal for sprinters, marathon runners, and casual joggers alike.

Running Sunglass Tints

Most people like to go running on pleasant, sunny days. As such, the classic grey, smoke and grey-green tints are ideal for running sunglasses. They are dark enough to protect you from glare, yet light enough to keep your vision clear.

To find out more about our range of sunglasses and prescription running glasses, visit your nearest Eyesite store today.