Motor Sport Glasses for Driving

Whether you frequently attend track days, love going to car meets or spend your weekend off-roading, you need to make sure everything is in focus. Without the best eyewear for the job, this simply isn’t possible. In motor sport, focus is everything. You need to make sure you can see clearly, to not only have the best chance at competing, but to remain safe and spot potential hazards quickly.

When driving, to avoid the dangerous intensity of reflective light on wet road surfaces, car roofs and passing bodies of water, you need polarised glasses. Polarised glasses can be very beneficial to competitive drivers as they reduce this intense glare through specialised filtering – one less thing to worry about!

However, we understand that motor sport isn’t always a day-time activity. That’s why, when driving in the dark or low light, you need ‘night-vision’ glasses. Whilst the name may imply it, these glasses do not give you complete night vision; instead they offer maximum sight performance via an intense yellow or amber tint. This tint filters out intense blue light emitted from car headlights and bright LEDs, in turn reducing eye strain to allow you to focus on your driving performance.

Eyesite Recommends: Polarised Motor Sport Eyewear

Bolle Recoil Glasses

Bolle Recoil sunglasses feature all-important polarisation and anti-reflective treatment to reduce glare when driving. Not only this, they also feature grippy Thermogrip technology to make sure your glasses stay firmly in position during intense driving manoeuvres.

Bolle Anaconda

(With Polarised Fire Oleo AF Lens)

As with Bolle Recoil glasses, Bolle Polarised Fire Anaconda sunglasses come with polarised lenses to protect you from harsh glare and reflective light during driving. However, thanks to their ‘fire’ amber/yellow lenses, you are additionally protected from blue light in low light driving conditions, thanks to their clever tinted lenses. Perfect for driving day and night.

We understand that for many, it’s important to try glasses on before you buy. That’s why we recommend popping into your local Eyesite branch to explore and try on our collection of glasses suited for your motor sport activity.

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