Man snorkelling in the sea

Diving and Swimming Eyewear

Whether you’re an enthusiastic snorkeler exploring the magic of the reef or a swimmer doing laps at your local swimming pool, the last thing you need is water filling up your diving mask or goggles. Our specialist swimming eyewear is designed to remain completely water-tight to allow you to enjoy the freedom of the water whilst protecting your eyes. Plus, with our prescription lens service, you can have 20/20 vision while you swim.

Young or old, we can offer a wide selection of masks and goggles to ensure that you get not only the best product for the task but also the best possible vision.

Eyesite Recommends: Diving and Swimming Eyewear

The Seac Sub “Extreme” Prescription Diving Mask

Ideal for snorkelling and scuba diving holidays, the Seac Sub Diving Mask allows you to take your prescription underwater. Enjoy the wonders of the deep with these light frame, tempered glass lenses designed with your prescription in mind.

Gator Goggle – Prescription Swimming Goggles

The Gator Goggle is the complete answer for ready-made prescription swimming goggles. Available in both plus and minus prescriptions and boasting high quality features such as silicone head straps and hard coated polycarbonate lenses, the Gator Goggle is very popular and highly recommended.

If you want to find out more about the perfect swimming eyewear please pop in to your local Eyesite branch to have a chat with our friendly, expert team.