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Cricket Eyewear

Eyewear for Optimum Cricket Performance

At Eyesite, we offer a range of eyewear specifically designed for playing cricket.

Eyesite is proud to be an Official Corporate Partner to Sussex County Cricket Club for 2018 due to our expertise in sports eyewear. If you’re bowling you need to make sure your eyewear stays in place asSussex County Cricket Club you’re running towards the pitch and that you have a crisp view of your target – the wicket.

Eyesite’s cricket eyewear allows the wearer to see the ball easily against both the sky and the grass and, with wide-angled shield lenses, you can make sure your vision is uninterrupted and protected.

Eyesite Recommends: Cricket Eyewear

Oakley Valve Sunglasses

Expertly balancing both sport and lifestyle, Oakley Valve Sunglasses are ideal for active lives that demand both performance and pace-setting style, making them perfect for cricketers. Stress resistant O Matter frame material makes the Oakley Valve lightweight, while Oakley’s own Unobtainium components increase grip with perspiration, making them perfect for playing cricket during the summer.

Bollé Keelback Sunglasses

Bollé’s latest Keelbacks are another pair of lightweight, high performance sunglasses for active users. Ideal sportswear, these sunglasses remain comfortable and secure while you’re playing or exercising.

Best Tint For Cricket Eyewear

If you’re a batsman or wicket keeper you need a lens to see the ball coming at you with pinpoint accuracy, but one that also provides protection from impact.

If you’re out fielding, you need to be able to look to the sky without being dazzled by glare to ensure you make that game-winning catch.

For cricket players, brown or blue tints are ideal. Brown lenses work very well to block the blue light that you can experience on a cloudy day through diffused light. They can improve both depth perception (thanks to their red element) and contrast, making them great for judging distances and playing in Britain’s notoriously unreliable weather.

Similarly, blue tints absorb the sunlight and reduce glare, making them ideal for fielders in bright weather.

If you want to find out more about the perfect cricket sunglasses, or want advice on what other frames and lenses could help you score more sixes, please pop in to your local Eyesite branch to have a chat with our friendly, expert team.


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