Close up of contact lenses

Different Types Of Contact Lenses

Not all contact lenses are the same, they vary in terms of material, design and the levels of oxygen they allow through to your eyes. This is so that they can be manufactured to suit different prescriptions, eye shapes and wearing preferences.

There are lots of myths about contact lenses and we see our role as helping you to understand what lenses are available and how they will benefit you. We understand that wearing contact lenses is a personal choice, and that’s why our specialist team are always on hand to talk you through the process.

Our contact lens types

We have a wide range of contact lenses to choose from, to ensure that you find the perfect contact lenses to suit you and your lifestyle.

Why choose Eyesite for your contact lenses ?

  • As an Independent opticians, we source and supply the very best contact lenses for your specific needs. The contact lens suppliers we use are chosen from the very best suppliers for their quality and comfort.
  • At Eyesite, we continually train our staff so we’re always at the forefront of new technology to help make contact lens wear more healthy and more comfortable.
  • We only use the most advanced contact lens brands, from the worlds most trusted manufacturers.
  • We offer flexible ways to pay, both Direct Debit plans and Pay As You Go to suit your preference
  • We always try to give you great value without compromising on service with our Price Match Guarantee
  • We just LOVE contact lenses and seeing the life changing difference they make to people

To get a better idea of what will suit you we recommend that you come and see us for a free contact lens experience today.