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Contact Lens Aftercare

Finding the right type of contact lenses for your lifestyle is only just the start of your contact lens journey. Contact lens aftercare appointments are an essential part of wearing contact lenses to ensure your eyes remain healthy for years to come.

Eyesite provide contact lens aftercare appointments

As part of our complete contact lens services, Eyesite provides contact lens aftercare appointments and contact lens annual reviews to ensure your contact lenses continue to give you optimum vision and keep your eyes healthy. We understand that choosing your perfect contact lenses is a very personal decision, and that’s why our specialist team are on hand to talk you through all of your options.

What do you check for in a contact lens aftercare appointment?

Contact lens aftercare appointments are necessary to check that your contact lenses are still giving you optimum vision and comfort. Your eyes are assessed to identify if enough oxygen is getting through, if they are getting too dry or irritated and if your prescription is still strong enough for you to see clearly.

Symptoms of some eye conditions are not always noticeable on a day to day basis, so contact lens aftercare appointments can also help identify any underlying eye problems such as cataracts or glaucoma.

Conclusively, it’s for these health-related reasons that contact lens aftercare appointments are necessary – opticians cannot, by law, supply contact lenses if your details are out of date; you need to have consistent aftercare appointment to keep these details updated.

If you’d like to learn more, visit your local Eyesite branch to speak with one of our expert team.