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New To Eyesite: Your Introductory Eye Examination

Here at Eyesite we are committed to providing a comprehensive and personal eye examination service for patients of all ages. With our clinical expertise and the latest technology, we ensure the most thorough eye examination possible that ascertains every aspect of your eye health and visual performance.

We believe that everyone deserves the best possible eye care. That's why your introductory eye test allows you to experience our most thorough examination. You'll also spend time with your optometrist, who will evaluate your eye care needs and discuss your options thoroughly.


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What's Included In Your Eye Examination

+ History, symptoms and general health discussion
+ Eye health assessment
+ Eye pressure check
+ Vision assessment
+ Retinal imaging
+ Optomap Retinal Scan
+ OCT Imaging
+ Spectacle discussion
+ Other visual solutions discussion
+ Save over £50

New Patient Eye Test Offer

You'll save over £50 when you take our Introductory Eye Exam. Our introductory eye exam gives you our full Advanced Gold service for a fraction of the price.

Your Introductory Eye Examination will typically take an hour as our experienced optometrists guide you through your exam and give you a thorough assessment of your visual performance. We use the latest technology to get the deepest insights into your eye health. Your optometrist will then discuss the results with you and explore the many options available to keep your eyes happy and healthy. Once we have a thorough understanding of the state of your eyes and vision, we use this as a baseline for future visits.

Taking a detailed record of your medical history and current eye health is essential to detecting higher risk health conditions such as glaucoma, diabetes and high blood pressure.

Eye Examinations For All Ages

We cater our eye exams to all age groups, in order to give you the best possible experience. We pride ourselves in delivering a life-long service that ensures our patient’s vision is carefully monitored and cared for at every stage of life. With our dedicated expertise and in-depth examinations, you and your family can rest assured your eye health and visual performance is in good hands.

Your Next Eye Exam

We offer the following comprehensive eye examinations at our Eyesite practices. These vary depending on the technology used during your exam and the time spent with your optometrist evaluating your eye care needs.

  • Advanced GOLD Eye Examination
  • Advanced Eye Examination
  • Extended Eye Examination

How Much Is An Eye Test?

Introductory Examination Price:

Private Patient - £44.00
Under 19s - Free with NHS voucher

Extended Eye Examination Price:

Private Patient – £44.00
Under 19s – Free with NHS voucher

Advanced Eye Examination Price:

Private Patient – £70.00
Under 19s – £16.00 with NHS voucher

Advanced Gold Eye Examination Price:

Private Patient - £98.00
Under 19s - £30.00 with NHS voucher

For more information about what our eye examinations include, please refer to our eye exam info table. This covers the costs of our eye tests aligned with the length of time they take and what assessments and discussions are included.

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